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Buy a Moving Target t-shirt and look nearly this good!
23.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

new Moving Target t-shirts now available

I can’t promise that you will look as stylish and sexy as our model, the very lovely Pistette, seen here lounging in the basement of the Pistard tower, but I can promise that I will put your money to good use. And if I can’t think of a good use, I will spend it on a fixie for the girlfriend.

UK, Eire: £12 (inc p & p).
EU: £13 (inc p & p).
US, Canada or other colonies: £15 (inc p & p).
Rest of Americas, Asia, Africa and South London: £16 (inc p & p).
Swissland: $100 000 (inc p & p)
Anywhere else: contact me for postage rates.

Paypal me, specify if you want chocolate (large, med or small) or green (small, medium or large). See House of Pistard’s handy sizing chart here. Mark your payment ‘I love MT!’

I will discount multiple purchases. Contact me.

  1. Why aren’t there any big enough to fit me?

    — al@creative    23 January 2008, 16:21    #
  2. do you think Ole Swiss might look even more fetching to the ladies of old London town if he were to don such a t-shirt?

    or would he just get his todger caught in the A3 flyover?

    — Swiss Tony    23 January 2008, 20:31    #
  3. sorry, i can’t hear you clearly over on this side of the atlantic… what’s that you’re saying? sponsorship? sounds like sponsorship.

    tofu    24 January 2008, 00:52    #
  4. 16 quid only?I’ll have five,please.How long to ship them to sw2?

    — toofree    24 January 2008, 20:51    #
  5. Surface mail, ooh, 6 weeks? Courier, £20 extra (per shirt), 1 week.

    — Bill    24 January 2008, 21:56    #
  6. 1 week by courier? Is it Creative Crawlers that you are using?

    — toofree    27 January 2008, 01:57    #
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