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Busy busy, fixed and roller
3.12.08 by Buffalo Bill

hipster cnut

Well, maybe not the kind of busy that puts pounds in your pockets, but coming up tonight is the 2nd round of the the Rollapaluza Winter League. Tonight’s edition is over 1000m, or twice the normal length. I have never raced over 1000m in a roller race, but I bet it is seriously unpleasant. You can join the fun at the birth-place of London roller-racing, the Horseshoe pub, Clerkenwell Close, from 6pm tonight, £5 in. More details here.

A quick look at the current standings and, oh, who’s that lurking at number 9? Blimey, the competition can’t be all that, can it?

At the weekend Fixed mag publish their 2nd issue, and are throwing a party this Saturday. One of the Fixed guys sent me this email:

We’ve rented the big screen at the Rich Mix cinema at 12pm to show the movie, then there’s a break before the afterparty starts at 6pm at a 4000 sq ft warehouse we’ve found on Commerical Road. It’s big enough to hold footdown and trackstand competitions and all that stuff. The whole day including movie is £7 and the after party only is £5, but there’ll be free drinks and giveaways to balance it out. Tickets are available from Cavendish, Brick Lane Bikes, Tokyo Fixed Gear and any of the forum drinks nights this week. I’ve attached a flyer in case you think MT readers might like to see it, although I guess we’ll just get called hipster cnuts…

Personally, if I see any more films showing fixie tricks from SF, I will probably puke, but then I am kind of lame, as my North American friends might say. The last Fixed party was fun, though.

  1. Fixie tricks are for arsewipes and ringpieces

    — Mark    4 December 2008, 08:12    #
  2. Nice contribution! Got any other pearls of wisdom you would like to share with us?

    — Bill    4 December 2008, 09:17    #
  3. That last fixie film at the bike film fest was so bad it was sad. Oh look it him ride down the hill and do a skid to the soundtrack of Ennio Morricone.

    — zack speedfast    4 December 2008, 17:23    #
  4. “Fixie” tricks is it?

    hmmm, seems like a lot of young men who are uncomfortable with the inadequacies of their undercarriages.

    When you’ve got a todger the size of Westminster Abbey, there’s no need to show off on an unsuitable bicycle.

    — Swiss Tony    4 December 2008, 20:59    #
  5. fixed gear hipster came, but will leave again… messengers will stay and won’t get anything out of this hipshit. just stay real!

    — James    14 December 2008, 14:08    #
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