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'Buffalo Bill' does 46 years for bike theft
9.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

From cyclelicious:

Them Germans know how to handle bike thieves — an 82 year old man has spent 46 years of his life in the clink for bike theft. He was first convicted in 1947, when he was 20 years old. Each time he gets out of prison, he goes right back to stealing bikes again.

Local police, who have nicknamed the bike thief “Buffalo Bill” because of his distinctive white mustache, say Rudi is always on the prowl with bolt cutters looking for bikes to take. “Once he wanted to peddle a mountain bike at the fair grounds. He just sprayed it with green paint. The paint smell was still fresh.” Rudi’s current prison term — his 45th — ends in October 2010, when bike thief Rudi P will be 85 years old.

  1. They know what to do in new york too

    SteveL    9 September 2009, 11:00    #
  2. Nice one !

    — Chuck Q    9 September 2009, 18:32    #
  3. “This video has been removed due to use violation” Was it any good? Know any other routes to it?

    — Gertie    10 September 2009, 18:13    #
  4. just some guy getting hit upside his head (with his helmet hanging rather amusingly in front of his face) – nothing you can’t see on any street in any city on any day.
    Not amusing – just violence.

    — zero    10 September 2009, 21:05    #
  5. Mirror:

    — Guy    14 September 2009, 15:30    #
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