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British and Irish Cycle Courier Championships 2011
18.04.11 by Buffalo Bill

The British and Irish Cycle Courier Championships are taking place in and around Edinburgh for the second successive year on May 27/28/29 2011. Come test your bike skills, energy levels and party tricks in the northern capital of our fair isles.

Events include:
Battle-Royale Mile
Meadowbank Velodrome Events, Barbeque and Gathering
City Time Trial / Package Race
Rollapaluza Roller Race Night & DJs
Tunnel Sprints, Deserted road checkpoint race
Skid, Trackstand and Trick comp
Mass ride to the seaside and party on Cramond Island

Email info@biccc2011.co.uk or check the facebook group for further details, entry information here soon, or register on the weekend of the event. Open to couriers, messengers, ex-couriers, future messengers, fixed and single speeders, roadies, MTBers, BMXers, pedicabbers and any others. All Welcome!

Don’t miss the boat!

  1. Great flyer.

    — overdrive    18 April 2011, 11:59    #
  2. Great flyer! Looks like a exciting event! I’ll be sure to attend.

    Sameday Couriers Birmingham    5 May 2011, 16:25    #
  3. oops missed this one two years on the trot, shame been out of the loop for far too long , woulda liked to see some of the old timers. If youre back next year i’m challenging any rider from back in the day to a sprint from the castle to the bottom of dundas street….wait and return. Whoop, groan.
    Bill…i owe you a dead leg for not telling me so i could join in the fun.

    — karrimor    14 July 2011, 01:23    #
  4. >>post removed<<

    — lillylala    18 July 2011, 18:39    #
  5. Whut?

    — overdrive    18 July 2011, 20:17    #
  6. same as above

    — lillylala    19 July 2011, 14:58    #
  7. before the post was removed that is.jps is dirty and a cheat

    — lillylala    19 July 2011, 15:25    #
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