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Boris Johnson caught in attack on bloggers by Russian oligarch
21.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

An extraordinary moment in the blogosphere, which I have to report for no other reason than to add this site to the list of bloggers raising the alarm. Those of you who have been following this site for the last 2 years will remember that Craig Murray has been in trouble with the authorities before. Towards the end of 2005, he was threatened with legal action for speaking out about human rights abuses in the former Soviet Union.

He is in trouble once again for speaking out about abuse of power. His web-site has been taken down, a bunch of bloggers who had reported on, and linked to, his post have been threatened with legal action, and an entire web-hoster has been forced off the internet. Amongst those sites hosted is Boris Johnson’s. It’s an ill wind that blows no one good, you might think. Well, that’s really not the attitude to take. What about the good old British sense of fair-play, sticking up the under dog, giving a fella a decent chance, eh?

More on this outrage here.

  1. indymedia has the original article here

    — lurkette    21 September 2007, 10:36    #
  2. wasit got to do with bikes?

    — Ed    22 September 2007, 23:55    #
  3. Snot a bike thing, issa blog thing, innit.

    — Bill    23 September 2007, 09:55    #
  4. Dunno Bill, you put it there cos its an Arsenal thing I reckon

    — Josh    23 September 2007, 12:16    #
  5. Ok, it’s an Arsenal thing, but also a Boris J thing, something I had covered in the past and a blog thing.

    — Bill    23 September 2007, 17:06    #
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