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14.08.10 by Buffalo Bill

Cappa's Cooper

Well, you’re looking in the wrong place, really, as I am having one of those ‘my work here is done’ interregna. Moving Target has had many – from memory the longest one lasted from 1995 – 1999. I hope to return this blog to more active service soon, albeit with myself taking a less prominent writing role. After all, Moving Target is supposed to be by, for & about bicycle messengers and couriers, not just a soap-box for me.

In the meantime, you could do a lot worse than check out this excellent blog by a real actual working London courier, and in particular this post, entitled Boycott Knog and Titta’s blog isn’t half bad (by which I mean: it’s very good indeed – also by an actual real working London courier) either – I recommend this post about the attempt to unionise Dublin’s couriers.

In other news, this episode of the Bike Show features one of the best UK frame-builders, Ron Cooper. I was lucky enough to own one of his frames, and it was a fantastic ride. The frame was originally built for Andy Capp, and the picture at the top is of another, newer Cooper that Cappa had built.

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  1. I hear you.
    You run rings around me.
    Keep up the good job and shine by example.

    I think your soap box is ok anyway.

    — yogi    5 September 2010, 13:02    #
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