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Bikes rock & so does Overdrive - the Bicycle Film Festival 2011
6.10.11 by Buffalo Bill


Now in its 10th year, the Bicycle Film Festival returns to London this weekend. In amongst the racing, a Northern Soul night at the Juno Bar on Friday, the bike polo tournament on Sunday, there’s heaps of films being shown at the Barbican. The Festival press release mentions, amongst others, Racing Towards Red Hook, Bikelordz (stunts & tricks from Accra, Ghana), and I hear that Neistat brothers have made another short, which, I am sure, will be well worth watching.

However, the press release fails to mention that London’s answer to Giovanni Gommi, Mr J Overdrive, has made a film about the London Courier Emergency Fund, and that it is in the Festival this year. It is being shown on Saturday as part of the Urban Bike Shorts screening on Saturday night, and there are still plenty of tickets available. So what are you waiting for? Get on to the online booking, and get a ticket now!

All the details of the weekend’s fun, frolics & films can be found on the official BFF London website.

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  1. Thanks to everybody that came to the screening,for supporting the BFF and the LCEF film.Woitec and I were stoked to see you all.xx

    — overdrive    9 October 2011, 20:52    #
  2. ..so can you put it online somewhere for those of us who weren’t in town for the showing (and shennanigans)?

    — zero    11 October 2011, 18:17    #
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