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Bikes are 'fashion', not just fashionable
11.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

From the New York Times:

“There is definitely a downside to biking when bikes become a fashion fad,” Wendy Booher, 39, a cycling journalist in Somerville, Mass., wrote in an e-mail message. “If you unleash a herd of teetering, wobbly fashionistas into city streets without any real knowledge of how to ride a bike in traffic, accidents can (and likely will) happen.”

When I first started messengering in the late 80s, there were hardly any cyclists on the road in London. In winter, in particular, one hardly saw any other cyclists apart from couriers. Cycling was an activity only old men, bearded guys in sandals and confirmed lunatics did.

Now one can hardly move sideways on the Clerkenwell Road without switching another cyclist. I think this is a good thing.

If you are looking for some clothes and other stuff designed with function, not just fashion, in mind, you could do worse than to check out 708 cycling or Skin Grows Back, both of which are exenger owned, and the latter is run by Jamie and Catt, late of London. I particularly like the key loop on SGB.

  1. When half the cyclists on the roads can’t ride a f*cking bicycle that is not a good thing!
    I’d rather they weren’t there to be honest and so do most couriers.

    — overdrive    11 September 2009, 09:29    #
  2. Every incompetent riding a bike is possibly one less incompetent driving a car. Yes they may lack lane discipline and stop without warning, but that is predictable, and you should be able to work around that. If you can’t then you are going too fast for safety on that particular road.

    Bristol Traffic    11 September 2009, 12:47    #
  3. When half the messengers on the road on a Friday night are so drunk they can’t walk straight, never mind ride straight, that is not a good thing!

    — Bill    11 September 2009, 13:27    #
  4. F*ck the pair of ya!I’ll ride drunk with me eyes closed and still do a better job than some of these nodders.What the f*ck does “too fast for safety” mean?

    — overdrive    11 September 2009, 13:48    #
  5. We are currently looking at enlisting London cycle-couriers to help advise us on how to tackle city traffic at speed.We are especially interested in speaking to overdrive.

    — Charity Mbobowangu TFL spokesperson    11 September 2009, 15:29    #
  6. Dear Mr.overdrive,
    Yours is the voice of common sense in a world gone crazy.We would like to invite you to speak on matters regarding urban cycling in South Africa.Please accept this offer as there may be a coulple of tickets to the world cup final in it for you.


    — Nelson Mandela    11 September 2009, 15:40    #
  7. Sorry for the typo,“coulple”.

    — Nelson again    11 September 2009, 15:41    #
  8. Didn’t overdrive ride through a red light and kicked whisked away in a wirl wind by a black cab? Maybe he had his eyes closed…

    — concerned viewer    12 September 2009, 07:31    #
  9. He had a crash,yeah.He’s had few actually but keeps getting away with minor injuries.We’ll make sure his luck runs out one day!

    — Fakenger Alliance    14 September 2009, 10:00    #
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