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Bike Show special on the lorry/cyclist problem
16.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

If you didn’t catch this Monday’s edition of the Bike Show, which goes out at 6.30pm on Resonance 104.4 FM, then you should definitely listen to it. It is available in various formats over at the Bike Show blog. It has contributions from Barry Mason, of Southwark Cyclists, and Cynthia Barlow, an old ally of the London Bicycle Messenger Association’s HGV campaign. Somehow, Jack and the contributors managed to pack in an astonishing amount of detail on the issue of London cyclists being killed by HGV/LGV/lorries. Cynthia’s contribution was perhaps the most telling, as she has done more than anyone to highlight the problem, both with the media, policy-makers and lorry company operators.

  1. Well thanks for saying so. …you omitted to mention that the show would have had a telling contribution from a certain useless messenger zine editor if he’d remembered to turn up.

    How about BJ proposing cyclists be allowed to turn left on red ?

    jack    16 October 2008, 19:38    #
  2. Well, if it’s true, then it would be a very good thing. However, one of the things that seemed to have been a little over-looked in recent weeks is that not all of the cyclists killed by lorries have been near a junction. At least 2 of the deaths have taken place where both the cyclist and the lorry were going straight ahead, ie the cyclist was run over from behind, and most definitely not in the blind-spot.

    — Bill    17 October 2008, 06:06    #
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