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Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund update
15.08.06 by Buffalo Bill

The Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund gives unconditional grants to bicycle messengers, whereever they are in the world, who are unable to work because of injuries sustained whilst working. The fund was set up in 2001 by Jean Andre Vallery, and he has single-handedly operated it, acting as chief executive, accountant, secretary, webmaster and so on. In recognition of his outstanding efforts and commitment, he was honoured with the Markus Cook Award in 2005.

The time has now come for JAV to step back and let others pick up the slack.

The Fund will continue, but not in its present form. Discussions as to the future structure and remit of the BMEF are continuing, and a decision and announcement will be made at the 2006 North American Cycle Courier Championships, which are being held on Labour Day weekend in Philadelphia, Sep 1st – 4th.

I would like to thank JAV for the great work that he has done, providing material assistance to those in need. Thanks, Jean.

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