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London Bicycle Film Festival 2007 tickets now on sale
2.10.07 by Buffalo Bill

Just got another email (jeez, that’s 3 so far this month, hooray!), this time from Roxy telling me that tickets are now on sale, £7 per screening.

More details of how to buy tickets, what films are showing when, are here. Jono’s documentary of the history of UK roller racing, and Rollapaluza, is being screened in the Bike Messenger Program at 7 and 9pm on Saturday. So that’s one you will all want to check out, I am sure, especially as Lucas Brunelle’s film of last year’s BFF alleycat is in the same program. I don’t see a multiple screening ticket, but maybe I have gone screen-blind.

  1. Hello Hello,
    Wow tickets are going fast according to Rich MIx!!! Especially for the saturday screening (messenger screening).
    I’m stillfighting for a multi-screenings pass, no love yet, but you’ll be the first to know. Up to you if you want to gamble and wait for those tickets.
    The other way to get in free is by volunteering, eh hem!

    roxy    3 October 2007, 17:54    #
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