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Bicycle Film Festival, London, 4th - 7th October, 2012
10.09.12 by Buffalo Bill

pic: Selim Korycki

Blimey, is it that time again? Really? Wow.

The Bicycle Film Festival, of which Moving Target and London’s bicycle couriers are confirmed fans, rolls back into town next month. Once again at the Barbican, and once again featuring shorts, features, documentaries, rides of fantasy, sports, life, the cycling universe and everthing in it. It’s well worth catching as many screenings as possible, as there will always be at least one film that makes you go, ‘wow, that is so cool/funny/moving’. Below is my own personal skim of the program.

photo from Ride the Black Line

Fun Bike Shorts, Saturday 1500, looks, well, fun, and interesting. A short about the Toronto Ice Race, King of the Ice, catches my fancy particularly for a few reasons. First, it’s about the TO bike scene, which, despite its faults (principally: serial infighting), is a cauldron which has cooked up many spicy cycling dishes, including the Alleycat phenomenon, two editions of the Cycle Messenger World Championships, the North American Cycle Courier Championships & the Human Powered Rollercoaster, which event was inspired by the early runnings of the Ice Race. The Ice Race used to take place on Lake Ontario, in a figure of 8, but latterly, due to lack of stable winter ice on the lake, has been held on iced land. In the same screening, there’s a short about a cycling topic close to my heart, cargo bikes, Less Car, More Go (I like what they did there, don’t you?)

In other shows, Niestat fans will be delighted to learn that Casey has a short in the Friday, 7pm screening, Another Bike Theft Experiment which will undoubtedly be worth the entry fee by itself, but there’s another film in the same screening called Boy, starring Timothy Spall, which looks interesting, too.

There’s also a double helping of films about Irish cycling: a 50 min doc about the Rás Tailteann in the Sunday afternoon screening, and then in the evening screening, another longish doc about Irish road racer Shay Elliott, called Cycle of Betrayal. And, of course, the usual Saturday night ‘high adrenaline’ Urban Bike shorts, featuring all the normal street naughtiness.

On Thursday, departing from the ‘showing films featuring cycling’ theme, the BFF is co-hosting with TfL a ‘Conference & Debate on London Cycling’, apparently featuring presentations and panel discussions. There aren’t many details available, except that it’s from 1pm – 4pm at the Barbican, that I will be participating in one of the panel discussions, and if you want to go you should email the conference organisers by clicking this link.

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