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Bicycle Film Festival 2010, 14th - 17th October, Barbican
30.09.10 by Buffalo Bill

The Bicycle Thieves, showing on 17th October

From one of the BFF peeps:

The Bicycle Film Festival is back again, and it’s our 10th anniversary. Some of you may remember the previous drunken evenings crammed into the Cochrane, but don’t let the fact that we’ve blagged our way into the relative luxury of the Barbican again put you off. As with every previous year, heckling of Buffalo Bill, drinking and windmilling are to be encouraged. If you survive the *lleycat..

The Urban Shorts programmes, which this year are being presented by noted journalist and blogger Buffalo Bill, are a mixture of movies based around city riding, tricks, fixed gear, and messengers. This year that includes:

Courier Effect – Portraits of bicycle messengers’ family members from Barcelona to Paris to Berlin.

Day Labor – A short film about bike messengers, day laborers and outsourcing gone wild.

Bushveld Bike Messenger – Nothing, not even elephants, giraffes, rhinos or wildebeests can stop the Bushveld bike messenger from making his delivery.

And the full 30 minute version of the new Lucas Brunelle movie, Line of Sight. Lucas needs no introduction, and he has documented alleycats all over the world (including that London Calling one).

Secure valet bike parking is free, courtesy of the folks at Madison and Kryptonite.

The BFF runs from 13-17th October. Programmes can be found all over the city. Try Full City, or 14 Bike Co, or Look Mum No Hands, or your local bike shop, or buy tickets online (note online tickets are cheaper too..)

More on the BFF from Moving Target to come.

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  1. More on the *lleycat coming soon….

    — overdrive    30 September 2010, 09:18    #
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