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BBC complains about Moving Target!
20.03.09 by Buffalo Bill

Just received this email:

Dear Sirs

My name is XXXX XXXXX from the BBC’s Complaints team in White City.

I’m dealing with a complaint about a posting by a user identifying themselves as “JoAnne Good” on your website here.

This posting is not from BBC London’s JoAnne Good and, as I am sure you will agree, is rather offensive therefore we do not wish it to remain.

I would therefore request that this posting be removed from your website or alternatively that the user concerned changes their username so that no confusion can arise as to the identity of the poster.

Please could you arrange this and let me know?

Many thanks, XXXXX

XXXXX XXXXXX Complaints Co-ordinator
BBC Information

Naturally, I complied, not wishing to get into Auntie’s bad books:

Dear sir,

I agree that JoAnne is quite offensive, and I agree that she should not remain on the BBC. But I rather think that is a matter for the BBC, don’t you?

PS I’ll change the user name on the comment that you refer to, even though it should be obvious that the comment was satirical, and only a very obtuse person could possibly imagine that it was meant in any other sense.

And received the following email by return:

Hi Bill, many thanks for your note!

I agree that it’s abundantly clear that it is a satirical comment – nevertheless, the BBC has received a complaint on the matter therefore we’re obliged to act…

Many thanks for your help here – I very much appreciate it.

What do you think of that?

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  1. so how did she (JoAnne Good) know that someone posted a comment on MT? Does she scan the comments of everyone she’s offended?

    — funkster    20 March 2009, 18:01    #
  2. The BBC has never, ever replied to any of my postal or electronic mail complaints.

    I would hazard a guess they didn’t act on them either which makes me mighty suspicious about who made a complaint in this case.

    Jonathan Ross    20 March 2009, 19:01    #
  3. I approve this message.

    — Russell Brand    20 March 2009, 20:58    #
  4. She will use google alerts to email her whenever her name appears on a new web page. Doesn’t everybody do that with their own name?

    Bristol Traffic    20 March 2009, 22:05    #
  5. What a slack twat this JG is. Not only is she a complete ignoramus but she’s also stoopid narcissistic googlewanker! Good luck to her. Read it and weep JG x

    — Dazzlenger    21 March 2009, 01:08    #
  6. Haha that’s made my day. That was me Jo baby, Zack S. xx

    — JoAnne Good    21 March 2009, 08:45    #
  7. Damn it Speedfast, you have made me look like a stupid cow yet again. If you weren’t so fast i would run you over.

    — JoAnne Good    21 March 2009, 08:46    #
  8. Oi watch it Daz thems my initials

    — Josh    21 March 2009, 10:33    #
  9. Thank you for your e-mail about JoAnne Good’s comments on cyclists. We’re very sorry for the delay in replying, but we really don’t give a shit.

    Regular listeners to the Breakfast programme know that Joanne Good is an irrational cyclist hater in London who, whilst driving, often ignores traffic lights, parks on pavements and uses abusive language or hand gestures.

    Many times in the past, other drivers have posted to point out that not all drivers behave in this way and Jo has also interviewed spokesmen representing drivers and driving organizations who have contradicted her views. She pays lip service to accepting their points, but still maintains it hardly ever happens and doesn’t represents a danger to other road and pavement users.

    Jo’s co-presenter Paul Ross is clearly embarrassed by her comments, emphasising that it is only a minority of radio presenters who act in this way and that there are, of course, other radio presenters who don’t break the law or act in an aggressive or dangerous way.

    Specifically in relation to reports on BBC London about the Metropolitan Police / Transport for London initiative to reduce the number of cyclists who are killed in accidents with large goods vehicles, Jo was conveniently ignoring the fact that many drivers take unnecessary risks, which was precisely the point that should’ve been made by the police in this report.

    She illustrated her prejudice further with her wider criticisms of cyclists who break the law and those who show aggressive behaviour. We want you to believe that Jo acknowledges this is a minority of cyclists, a point her co-presenter Paul Ross made emphatically when he wasn’t quick enough to shut her up in the first place.

    JoAnne Good is entitled to a view, just as Paul Ross has strong opinions on other matters. Both are imbalanced. Listeners who call, text or e-mail to oppose or agree with them or to add their views are sent stock responses. Throughout the programme, Paul and Jo invite listeners to join the debate, giving out the phone and text numbers and the e-mail address, to create the illusion of a modern ‘interactive’ broadcasting approach.

    So overall, the programme is fair because we’ve just told you it is, and the same goes for Jo’s views on cyclists being adequately balanced by listeners, contributors and by her co-presenter.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us and therefore giving us valuable stats to back up our claims of being accountable broadcasters, which will help secure our chunk of next year’s budget.

    BBC Complaints

    (^bored and lacklustre satire, in case it wasn’t fucking obvious)

    — bringmemyfix    21 March 2009, 15:22    #
  10. wooowoowwowowo suck my di

    — JoAnne Bad    21 March 2009, 23:16    #
  11. I worked at the Bolshevik Bullshitting Collective in 2005. (Contract. Based on site. Access All Areas swipe card.)
    It was like being in apartheid South Africa. Uncle Tom Wollobongo manned the barriers at the car park or stood in his security uniform inside the main door; Auntie Sally Wollobongo swept the floors; Tom Jnr cleaned the shit out of the bogs. Apart from that, I rarely saw a black face in the buildings and almost no black males at all.
    And the Bolshevik Bullshitting Collective sits in the middle of what must be the highest concentration of black graduates in Western Europe. For all its PC attitudes, it scarcely employs any of them.
    Loathesome and spineless organisation. Sell it off now.

    — Count Basie    22 March 2009, 13:19    #
  12. Tell em to go get fucked… her too!

    — Sum Yung Guy    23 March 2009, 05:30    #
  13. Yeah bollocks to’em.Mind you tho,this Japanese season they’re having on the beeb at the mo is quite good.I wouldn’t mind a back rub off JoAnne either.But then I have a very bad back!

    — overdrive    23 March 2009, 13:13    #
  14. If as a cyclist you get hit by an HGV in London, don’t blame me. I tried to warn all you cyclists that you are posing a threat to yourselves by cycling and you’d be better in an SUV or something.
    You’re all just very selfish for cycling and getting in the way of cars.

    — JoAnne Good - The one that works for the BBC innit    24 March 2009, 21:09    #
  15. Dear Bill,
    Just because you were professional, actually read our complaint to you, and answered us without use of a form letter, don’t expect the same behavior from us.
    BBC Complaints team

    — BBC complaints team    24 March 2009, 21:13    #
  16. There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

    — Harry Hill    24 March 2009, 21:34    #
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