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Aunty Nasty #6
25.01.06 by nasty

Dear Aunty Nasty,
I read your post on [some courier message board], and
Was wondering whether i might ask you for some bike related views…
I am a final year architecture student at the University of Nottingham.
I am currently putting together my thesis project on the potential impact of the bicycle on central london.
My proposal is currently to design an infrastructure (attached image(couldn’t be bothered to post it)),
That can be placed in car park spaces, gradually enabling cyclists to take over the urban realm of the car. This infrastructure will then be backed up by a ‘cycling hub’ which will be a larger building catering for all Londons cycling needs and will include such things as rickshaw hire, bicycle hire, bicycle storage, bicycle repair centre, cycling training, TfL cycling offices, museum, information centre, cycling stunt ramps… The idea is that the entire building will be cycle-in, so that it is entirely accessibleTo cyclists, smooth cycling surfaces and ramps.
I attach a set of top trumps of the infrastructure and a brief
Description of the ‘cycling hub’ building. How do you think my proposal can more successfully cater for alley cat racers, bike messengers and the more underground activities of the cycling world? I would very much appreciateyour opinions and criticisms.
Thank you very much, i appreciate that you are probably very busy,

Nasty: a little 2 dimensional but still loved!

Dear Claire.
Firstly, if I gave you the wealth of knowledge that make me aunty nasty it wouldn’t really be you earning your degree wouldn’t it now? Do you own fucking graft you whiney student scumbag. Why the hell should I help you? What are you gonna do for me? Like I need yet another name check in some list of references in some dumbass students dissertation that none in the world is ever gonna look at.
And secondly, you really need to learn basic English grammer you dumbass. Like the correct use of capitals. And punctuation. Aint gonna look so hot to a prospective employer when you cant even spell proper aint it.
Best of luck in your studies
Aunty Nasty

Dear Aunty Nasty
Thank you for looking after my son, bambam #18 over these last few months. He’s really grown as a person and has matured into a good hard working human being. And its all to do with your careful nuturing of him. But aunty nasty, he keeps swearing so much. Is there anything you could do to suggest to resolve this problem I’m experiencing?
BamBam #18’s mum

Dear BamBam #18’a mum
You wanna try telling him to “f&ck off ya ho”?
Best wishes
Aunty Nasty

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