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Aunty Nasty #2
1.11.05 by nasty

Dear Aunty Nasty,
I was racing in an alleycat and some guy I don’t know starts talking shit saying how much better a rider he is than me and I’m wondering if he is better than I know he thinks he is or just thinks he’s a bit better than what I thought he knows he was?
Con Fuzed
Melburn, Oz.

Dear Con Fuzed
He’s a c*** and so are you
not much love

Aunty Nasty

Dear Aunty Nasty
I’ve had my belly button pierced and it bl***y hurt! It also went septic and Damion threatened to dump me… he didn’t though. Me and Tamsin have fallen out. The way she used Dwain is really bad… he’s refusing to be the father of her baby and I don’t blame him as she is a slapper and it could very well not be his. My sister Crystal has started seeing one of the bouncers from Ritzy – lucky cow. Booked a holiday to Ibiza with me mates – Damion is really angrey cos I’m going without him and he thinks I’ll get off with someone. I won’t though.

nasty salute

Dear gf
I would.
I really would.
Anything else i can help you with?

Aunty Nasty

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Uncle Buffalo

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