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Appeal for children's shoes for Panajachel, CMWC
30.08.10 by Robin Superkid


The organisers of the 2010 Cycle Messenger World Championships, which are being held in Panajachel, Guatemala, are trying to contribute to the local community, the art show is the medium through which they are doing this, they intend to have 200 local kids come to the CMWC site and create artworks which they will then sell to the visiting racers and guests.

In addition to this they hoping to gather together some shoes for the local kids. The shoe idea is to help out by kicking down a pair of good shoes to a kid. Simple, not some grand gesture, just allowing a kid to run around more effectively. Sarah and I will each be able to take an extra piece of hold baggage and were hoping to bring a over a bunch of shoes from London.

If anyone could help out by grabbing some unwanted shoes from friends or relatives or picking up some for cheap from a charity shop we’d be able to make a difference. I’ll be leaving a big duffel bag with Bill at Creative, and collecting it this Wednesday evening. Apologies that this is all very last minute but we’ve only just heard about this appeal.

More details about the shoes, and the project with which it is associated, on the CMWC site here.

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