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Another London cyclist killed by HGV, Friday May 4th 2007
7.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

I just got this by email:

there was a nice guy who worked as a barman at the george on parkholme road e8. as of friday 4th may he is now another cyclist killed by a left turning lorry. happened on kingsland road junction of whiston road. leaves behind a girlfriend and baby.

There are no other details available at present. I welcome any further information. Moving Target offers deepest condolences to the dead cyclist’s friends and family.

This is the fourth London cyclist to have been killed by an HGV in 2007. The others are: an unknown male killed on Victoria Embankment in January; Amelia Zollner and Madeleine Wright killed in Bloomsbury in March.

Around 8 cyclists have been killed each year in London by lorries/HGVs since 2000. See this post for more details.


Pg 17 of The Standard, 10th May

A CYCLIST was killed instantly when a lorry driver failed to see him at a set of traffic lights. Father-of-one Ninian Donald, 33, was crushed under the skip lorrywhen it turned left into his path.
Mr Donald was cycling from his studio in Hackney to a nearby hardware shop when he stopped at the red lights in Kingsland Road, Hoxton, and was hit by the lorry as it turned into Whiston Road. There was a short cycle lane before the corner and a cycle box at the lights.

Friday’s tragedy happened in the same week the Evening Standard launched its Safer Cycling campaign. Mr Donald was a set builder on photo shoots for magazines and shared a flat in Dalston with his girlfriend, Kate Evenden, a television art director, and their 19-month-old daughter Ava Rose.
Miss Evenden said today: “He was such a terrific father. We were both freelance and he spent as much time with Ava Rose as I did. “I can’t believe that a 19-month-old baby could miss her father so much, but she is just shattered. He was such a kind and wonderful man and we had a perfect life together. I don’t know how I’m going to go on without him.”

Mr Donald’s death is the latest in a string of accidents in which cyclists have been killed by lorries after stopping at lights. Safety campaigners and cyclists have demanded that lorries be fitted with better wide-angle mirrors to help drivers spot cyclists.

Mr Donald’s sister, Saskia, said he was an experienced and cautious cyclist who would never have jumped red lights. She said: “People laughed at him because he was so safety conscious.” Miss Donald, 38, is to write to Mayor Ken Livingstone demanding better safety for cyclists. She said: “There are these adverts everywhere banging on about how we all need to cycle more but safety has not caught up with the number of people doing it. There are not enough proper cycle lanes and there is no safety training for cyclists.”

Anyone with any information about Mr Donald’s death should contact police on 020 7321 9913.

More reports here and here.

  1. Your correspondent is unfortunately correct. The tributes tied to guard railing indicate that the slaughtered man’s name was Ninian Donald.

    The killer vehicle was a tipper truck, no doubt carrying spoil from the digging of foundations for grand new buildings. The typical route for these monsters is straight across Kingsland Road from Nuttall Street into Whiston Road, so it would have been unusual for the truck to have been coming down Kingsland Road and turning left into Whiston Road, but police investigators on the scene apparently confirmed that this was the probable manoeuvre.

    Spoil trucks vie with skip lorries for the most carelessly driven vehicles I know of. The more loads of earth you can cart away in a day, the more money for the firm. Are the drivers on commission?

    — Trevor Parsons    8 May 2007, 02:41    #
  2. That another HGV ‘left turn’ collision has resulted in death reinforces the critical view expressed on this site and others about TfL’s new ‘share the road’ poster which puts cyclists on the very left of the road, just out of the gutter, in a perfect position to be hit by a left turning HGV. How about printing up some ‘corrections’ to the add and pasting them up? How about bringing a case against TfL?

    Or making a stensil like the LBMA did for each of the bike messengers killed in the past few years. A simple graphic showing clearly ‘at this spot a bicycle rider was killed by a left turning HGV’.

    Antanas Mockus, Mayor of Bogotá, painted stars on the road at 1,500 sites where pedestrians had been killed by vehicles. Traffic fatalities fell by more than half, from an average of 1,300 per year to about 600.

    Jack Thurston    8 May 2007, 14:17    #
  3. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again. I’ve seen many of these exact vehicles being driven whilst the driver is on the phone.

    Also has anyone else seen how much they drift?
    I was behind one on old street roundabout. The back wheels skid sideways under the force of the load. Be aware!

    I’m all for the universal stencil Idea.

    — pedant    8 May 2007, 17:38    #
  4. this fucking breaks my heart. can’t we pass a law about having big mirrors on the left side of lorries and/or maybe print some booklets to give away with new and second hand bikes with simple safety tips instead of rules, like; “keep away from the left side of lorries”
    considering buses are as big and don’t kill as many people it is obviously a visibility issue.

    — flappy feet    9 May 2007, 08:20    #
  5. The Eu is trying to pass a law. The Govt is currently opposing it. Click the link on the right to let them know you disagree.

    As for leaflets, yeah, but at the mo TfL is printing 6 foot posters that show a cyclist in exactly the wrong spot.

    — Bill    9 May 2007, 11:22    #
  6. I live just down the road from there. There’s been no proper traffic lights for a while – haven’t been past in the past few days so don’t know if that’s still the case, but it’s pretty nightmarish. One lane on the eastern part of Whitton Road, nobody giving way to cyclists, no lights, and Kingsland Rd is pretty fast at that point. Council has been bang out of line not making that damned junction safe.

    — matt    9 May 2007, 12:05    #
  7. oops, i’m getting mixed up with queensbridge rd (junction just before).

    — matt    9 May 2007, 17:33    #
  8. It’s also worth writing to Stephen Ladyman, the Minister who deals with this in the Dept of Transport. His address is:

    Dr Stephen Ladyman
    Minister of State for Transport
    Department for Transport
    Great Minster House
    76 Marsham Street
    SW1P 4DR

    You can also email directly to the relevant department:


    or Fax 020 7944 9643

    Be sure to ask for a reply and give a postal address.

    I have just downloaded the LCC’s template letter – bless ‘em but it’s not exactly well argued and is full of typos and grammatical mistakes. Best to write your own.

    Jack    9 May 2007, 18:53    #
  9. I use this junction every day on my bike and i feel very sad for the victims family.
    There are loads of hgv’s which use Nuttal Street and Whiston Road everyday and they seem to have their own rules. The amount of times I have cycled down there and felt the threat of a thundering truck behind me trying to force me off the road.

    — adam    10 May 2007, 15:29    #
  10. This happens again and again and again. Even out in the sticks (Oxon) you get skip/grabber lorries tearing about like maniacs. They’re a ‘king nuisance and somehow must be stopped.

    — John    11 May 2007, 10:42    #
  11. I was a good friend of Ninian’s and speak for the 400+ who attended his funeral on Weds 16th (his birthday). He was a careful cyclist who had a sensible respect for all raod users. To have the precious life of a talented person taken from us, leaving behind a broken family and daughter who will never know her father, is unaccpetable. I went down to the incident spot the day following the accident. To my horror, as I read the floral tributes left for nin on the railings, I physically had to step nback as a buidling truck thundered around the corner, front wheels cutting the corner and actually mounting the pavement. If that is the attitude to road space that these drivers have, Nin and many others have had (and sadly future victime will have) no chance.

    With Nin’s sister, Saskia, I shall be pursuing all legislative angles to get this negligent state of affairs (for all road users) reviewed and made safer. Thanks to Jack who posted the Dept of Transport info. It will be one of many avenues persued.

    — Andre    23 May 2007, 15:35    #
  12. Cycling into work today I found Kingsland road had been cordoned off due to another cyclist death after being cut up on a corner coming onto Kingsland road off Dunston road (i think). I had the unfortunate experience of seeing this poor guys body trapped under the wheel of the HGV. Sounds like a very similar incident to the one above and maybe not so ironic that both incidents were by HGV lorries turning onto Kingland road. Obviously there is a problem here that needs to be addressed and I am shocked that an identical incident has taken place on the same road within such a short space of time from each other. My thoughts go out the the family and loved ones of the man who left for work this morning on a normal day but sadly never made it in.

    — Sebastian    21 April 2008, 12:42    #
  13. I live 30 seconds away from whiston road and I regret to say yesterday in exactly the same place as the above accident there was yet another crash involving a cement lorry.

    I have been told this was also fatal but I can’t confirm this at the present time.

    — Gary    3 September 2008, 11:14    #
  14. Still trying to find out details but having no luck but I can confirm this was fatal .

    Source – you tube video of Air Ambulance landing

    — Gary    3 September 2008, 11:43    #
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