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Another London cyclist killed by a lorry/HGV/LGV
21.04.08 by Buffalo Bill

reports Moving Target reader, Sebastian

Cycling into work today I found Kingsland road had been cordoned off due to another cyclist death after being cut up on a corner coming onto Kingsland road off Dunston road (i think). I had the unfortunate experience of seeing this poor guys body trapped under the wheel of the HGV. Sounds like a very similar incident to the one above and maybe not so ironic that both incidents were by HGV lorries turning onto Kingland road. Obviously there is a problem here that needs to be addressed and I am shocked that an identical incident has taken place on the same road within such a short space of time from each other. My thoughts go out the the family and loved ones of the man who left for work this morning on a normal day but sadly never made it in.

And this has email has been received from Ed Waller, apparently confirming the report:

Perhaps you guys know this already but a male cyclist was dragged under the wheels of a large truck this morning at around 8.50am this morning, at the junction of Kingsland Road and Middleton Road in Dalston. Police cordoned off the area to conduct accident investigation work, but I could see the man had been trapped in the back axel of the truck and dragged along Kingsland for about 30 feet. He looked dead.

More from the Standard website here, including conflicting accounts.

Here is an update on the conflicting reports of the death from crap waltham forest cycle blog. I won’t chain link it, but it seems that the initial reports, blaming the cyclist for the death were wrong, and that the police were implicated to a certain degree.

  1. :-o
    i knew there was a big incident but had no idea what happened..
    that’s awful…
    I hope they do something about it soon!

    my thoughts go to the family/friends!

    — Lara    21 April 2008, 14:47    #
  2. they were doing this on that junction earlier this morning….“On Monday 21st April 2008 in the morning, Queensbridge and De Beauvoir
    Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be carrying out enforcement action on
    Kingsland Road (the A10), for any traffic offences. This will include
    any cyclist who jumps red lights, or cycles on the footway, or any other cycle-related offence.”

    Fixed penalty notices will be issued to offenders, resulting in a £45
    fine (£30 if paid within 28 days) and the possibility of arrest and an
    appearance in court.”

    — mr_silver    21 April 2008, 15:55    #
  3. kingsland road is proper sketchy, me and a friend both got taken out by an undercover police car doing a u turn with no indication or blues. I didn’t jump a red light, didn’t brake any law, i think this focus on fining cyclists is bollox, its not going to stop it. Hgv’s are fucking dangerous, they do have blind spots so should they really be allowed on busy roads? i wouldn’t cycle on busy roads if i was blind as it is obviously going to cause accidents.stupid lorries piss me off!!!

    — redrum    22 April 2008, 07:36    #
  4. HGVs aren’t something I generally have a problem with, but a lot of the builders’ lorries are piloted by non-pro drivers who aren’t up to the job. It’s more the builders’ lorries, driven by navvies who may have a licence for big vehicles but rarely use it, which need to be looked at.
    HGVs are dangerous for riders who have to take a few risks to hit deadlines and they’re lethal for the lycra-lemming brigade. I wouldn’t want to get sandwiched by one going around the S-bend at Euston Road / Gower Street, for instance.

    — Count Basie    22 April 2008, 14:26    #
  5. Well, here in South London, less than three weeks after I complained to Serco about how dangerous their drivers are, how often they cut me up, use the bus lane, drive like they are their way to a fire, well, looks like they killed somebody this time.
    Woman is killed under prison van

    Sadly, I just rode past this scene on my way home tonight, the exact stretch of road I complained about.

    — Kerry    22 April 2008, 20:34    #
  6. Kerry, can you please email me? It’s possible that we can take your complaint further…

    — Bill    23 April 2008, 10:49    #
  7. A few years back, I complained in writing to Group Four when one of their prison vans cunningly made an illegal turn from Edgware Road onto the Marylebone Road under the flyover. Didn’t even signal.
    I got the usual bullssit letter by return – “Our drivers are trained to the highest standards” – but Group Four had pulled the driver in and he’d admitted pulling the stunt and the reply came back within two days.
    The day after I got the reply, I spotted the same Group Four prison van in Wells Street….coming northbound up it to drop some guests off at the magistrates’ court.
    Let’s be honest – what type of **** would drive a prison van for a living?

    — Count Basie    23 April 2008, 17:19    #
  8. When will London put cycle paths on pavements? I lived in Munich, 6 years a go, and it was normal that practically all major roads had cycle paths and traffic lights had separate bicycle crossing lights. If it was safer to cycle in London, a lot more people would cycle, need I say more?

    — Rhea    24 April 2008, 01:06    #
  9. Sorry Rhea, cycle paths are not safer. See this research. All the evidence is that cycle lanes and paths are NOT safer, and in some cases, significantly less safe.

    — Bill    24 April 2008, 06:21    #
  10. Cycle paths are a little bit extra road for those cheeky little mini drivers to nip thru..

    Sadly the only way to make it safer is to make people more aware. But with the numbers on the road there will always be someone in a hurry, tired, ignorant or plain lazy that will fk up.

    This applies across the board, its tragic when it results in death but thats what it is. Tragic.

    — Angry from Mayfair    24 April 2008, 12:14    #
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