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Another cyclist killed by a lorry/HGV/LGV in Hackney
23.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

From the Hackney Gazette this morning:

23 June 2008

A cyclist has died after she was in collision with a lorry in Stoke Newington this morning (Monday).

The 32-year-old woman from Tottenham was struck by the heavy goods vehicle near the junction with Manor Road at 6.40am.

The woman, who has not been formally identified, was rushed to the Royal London hospital but died shortly afterwards.

Officers from Chadwell Heath Traffic Garage are investigating the accident. There have been no arrests.

This is the 2nd cyclist known to have been killed by a collision with a lorry/HGV/LGV in Hackney so far this year, and the fifth in the last 2 years. Reports on the other 2008 death are here.

Frank MG over at LondonFGSS reports that:

the cyclist was riding south down stoke newington high street; the hgv was either travelling the same route or turning right out of manor road (former route is more likely)
the collision occoured just beside stoke newington train station, where the entrance to the alley and the jehovas witnesses church is.
the police were investigating right underneath the lorry this seems to suggest that the woman went right under the truck when the collision occoured.

Trevor Parsons of the Hackney Cycling Campaign is quoted in the Hackney Gazette as saying that this is a crisis and I am stunned by the frequency of these collisions. It’s time for Hackney in particular to set up a task force to look at this issue because the rate of these collisions is absolutely shocking.

For more on the continuing problem of London cyclists killed by lorries/HGV/LGVs see the HGV/cyclist section of the contents page of this site.

  1. Just up the road from my house it is a busy and scary junction. If you’re turning right off Stamford Hill to go down Manor Road the traffic filtering is awful and I use the pavement specifically to avoid it. It’s not helped by having vehicles always trying to scrape thru when the lights change to red.

    — will    23 June 2008, 20:44    #
  2. Thats really sad news. While riding today the thought actual crossed my mind as to how long it would be untill we would hear news like this.

    — chewy    23 June 2008, 20:45    #
  3. Yeah, that is a seriously scary right turn. One thing I definitely don’t miss about living in Stamford Hill.

    When I was in Toronto, they were having a bike safety week. As far as I could tell, the net effort was having a cop on the local news haranguing cyclists (actual and potential) about the importance of obeying the law, and getting the copsicles to nick as many ‘scoff-laws’ as possible (mostly for not having bells), but I noticed a stat that 1 cyclist was killed in TO last year. This compares very unfavourably with London’s average of 18 for the last 7.

    — Bill    23 June 2008, 20:55    #
  4. I guess we shouldn’t say too much until we know exactly what happened, just pass on our sympathy to the woman’s family and recognise that we all, couriers, exengers, fakengers, commuters, whoever, have in common, the basic desire and right to get home safely every day.

    — will    23 June 2008, 21:02    #
  5. wow, RIP. as a 33 yr old woman who lives in tottenham and cycles that same route often, this one hit home. :(

    — lurkette    23 June 2008, 22:45    #
  6. This is literally 2 mins from my house… i make this turn every other day and almost always on the way home. Very saddened to hear about this… and a little shaken up.

    — alex fromemory    23 June 2008, 23:34    #
  7. She was a friend of mine, its just so tragic. Can’t believe it. Rest in peace Lucinda…

    — Sarah    24 June 2008, 10:59    #
  8. This is the second serious bike accident along this stretch of Stamford Hill in recent months. It is a really horrible junction. I’ve been filling in TfL’s pothole reporting form on their website about this stretch of road for at least a year now. if anyone has the time please do the same.

    — doug    24 June 2008, 12:33    #
  9. Would also like to express my great sadness at this death. I live just round the corner and cycle occassionally. I had noticed poor road surface around that area and had to swerve sometimes to avoid the holes and bumps. I seem to recall there was a massive hump in the road just outside the station near the pavement. The council were out resurfacing that area late last night.

    — Elizabeth    24 June 2008, 21:43    #
  10. As if enough cyclists hadn’t suffered similar fates last year.

    This really shouldn’t be happening. One life lost is too many.

    — Iron Eye    25 June 2008, 07:57    #
  11. Shame it takes a death for the council to take action. I must have been a couple of minutes in front as I cycle the same route and saw the ambulance racing towards the scene. RIP Lucinda x

    — Danny    25 June 2008, 20:38    #
  12. hey. Just saw the aftermath of a crash on Kentish town road at aroung 6ish, looked pretty bad, the bike was really mangled. Has anyone heard anything about it?

    — claire    25 June 2008, 22:05    #
  13. Dogs on LFGSS saw the aftermath too. His account is here. From what he saw, it doesn’t sound good, but both Chewy and Super Effri survived what we all thought was certain death, so you never know. Here’s hoping…

    — Bill    26 June 2008, 19:35    #
  14. The Camden New Journal report on the Kentish Town collision is here. It seems that the woman survived, albeit with serious injuries to her legs.

    — Bill    30 June 2008, 10:33    #
  15. it’s not a particularly difficult junction, and it’s very slow with all the works being carried on, but I guess it only takes one lorry… I hope she makes a full recovery.


    — Claire    30 June 2008, 11:09    #
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