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Andy White - what a ****
1.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

Ok, I think he uses the c word too much. He doesn’t go quite as far as Boris and use it as adverb, but he uses it a lot. He has called me a ****, arrogant and gruff.

Can he really be talking about me?

I nicked a lot of Andy’s photos for the site, and used one for a cover shot, so it should be obvious that I rate him as a photographer. I like him as a person too. After a long while away from London, he came up to me and started talking to me. I sort of recognised him, but had totally forgotten his name, and anything about him. He was obviously a messenger, but I couldn’t place him or his bike.

When he was told this, he wasn’t put out at all, saying ‘nah, Bill knows me, he’s just a senile old ****.’ Or words to that effect.

Nice to hang out with someone who couldn’t care less about losing face, or making a **** out of himself. No hang-ups about recognition, being a ‘face’ or worries about being mistaken for a ‘fakenger’.

While we’re on the subject on ****s, here’s a joke that Darren told me the other day:

Why are fixies like tampons?

Because every ****‘s got one.

OK, that’s enough ****s.

  1. i’ve sold my fixie. i now ride a unicorn. handy in traffic what with the magical flying skills etc, however it is a cnut getting the d-lock on.

    — flappy feet    1 May 2007, 22:37    #
  2. fixed wheels are for losers. Andy White is a ****. Bill is a ****. Who wrote this crap story. Someone just told me it was that **** bill.

    — 07    3 May 2007, 16:07    #
  3. It would seem to me that, according to Fyxomatosis & Moving Target, the word c|_|nt is nothing more then a term of endearment now days!

    — Walshy    4 May 2007, 15:15    #
  4. In Oz, “cnut” IS a term of endearment.

    hippy    6 May 2007, 19:48    #
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