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Andrew Camp (CitySprint, Creative and many others) makes finals of MoveMe
24.02.08 by Buffalo Bill

Andrew's pic

Starting this week, and continuing next week, at the Rainbird Gallery, 114 Clerkenwell Road, the MoveMe competition is exhibiting the final selection of images for its competition to find beautiful, eyecatching images that inspire others to walk or cycle.

I know, I know, the last thing a cycle courier needs is an image to inspire them to get on a bike. After all, you already are on a bike, or have just got off a bike, or are about to get back on one, or even worse, are killing time before you have to fix a p*nct&re or a broken chain…

But the reason I am bringing this to your attention is that Andrew Camp, who should be known to a few of you, has made into the final selection of images, and stands to win a prize. I am not entirely clear on how the winner will be decided, but there could be worse ways of staying dry next week than popping in to check out some bicycle-inspired art couldn’t there?

Check out the other entrants on the Art Below web-site. The launch party is Tuesday.

  1. Mr Camp famously got one of his first steps on the ladder to art stardom by designing the second Speed, Skill and Sausages poster….well done mate.

    winston    24 February 2008, 21:45    #
  2. is there a bigger jpeg anywhere? it looks great, but i’d love to see a larger size. i searched that website for his surname, but it came up empty.

    — lurkette    25 February 2008, 09:13    #
  3. I think the idea is that you go along to have a look. If you can’t get down there, I have A’s email.

    — Bill    25 February 2008, 13:22    #
  4. Go to ‘current exhibitons’ and click the top left image ‘dont wait, walk’…

    I would have linked direct but the php extension confuses textpattern

    — Bill    25 February 2008, 13:42    #
  5. thanks :)

    i would go down but life is overwhelming right now. too much skool werk and funding pleas.

    — lurkette    25 February 2008, 19:52    #
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