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An over-sight - more bloody road casualty stats
1.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

After I posted this, Chris Lines, head of the London Road Safety Unit, sent me this email.


With regard to the casualty data problem, I can assure you that any possible problem did not affect the recording of fatals; so while our adding up may be suspect (on this 1 occasion), the figures for cyclist fatalities are correct.

The problem came to light some time ago and on further analysis we see that it co-incided with changes to some of the STATS19 processes. I think the graph at the back of the attached Factsheet shows the situation and gives us confidence that if there was a problem, then it was temporary and we are now back on trend.

I was away and didn’t get the chance to really consider the email. Chris sent me the 12 month London road casualty figures for the year ending June 2006. 2 things are worth noting: 1, pedal cyclist killed and seriously injured (KSI) up 21% on the previous 12 month period. 2, pedestrian KSI were also up by 14%. With a combined total of 118, pedestrians and cyclists represent more than half of the fatalities on London’s roads in this period.

So the two most vulnerable categories of road user suffered an increase in death and serious injury. It is true that the overall figures are far far lower than 10 years ago, and cyclist fatalities are half what they were in 1982. 1982 was the worst year for cyclist deaths in London, with 32 killed. However, it appears that the initial reduction has flattened out and is beginning to rise again.

Anyway, thanks to Chris for sending the report, especially after I have been so critical so often of the LRSU. If you wish to download the report, you can do so here

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