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Americans pray at the pump for cheaper petrol
14.08.08 by Buffalo Bill

From The Age, via Richard Dawkins site.

At a Shell petrol station in Washington, Rocky Twyman and an unusual group of activists were mad as hell about soaring fuel prices.

“Last week, this station was $US3.51 . Now it’s practically $US3.60. So it’s gone up nine cents in one week,” Twyman said as he pumped five dollars worth of petrol into his thirsty American car.

“Someone’s making a lot of money and it’s really, really wrong,” added Twyman, who founded the Prayer at the Pump movement to seek help from a higher power to bring down fuel prices, because the powers in Washington haven’t.

The half-dozen activists – Twyman, a former Miss Washington DC, the owner of a small construction company and two volunteers at a local soup kitchen – joined hands, bowed their heads and intoned a heartfelt prayer.

“Lord, come down in a mighty way and strengthen us so that we can bring down these high gas prices,” Twyman said to a chorus of “amens”.

“Prayer is the answer to every problem in life. We call on God to intervene in the lives of the selfish, greedy people who are keeping these prices high,” Twyman said on the forecourt of the petrol station in a neighbourhood of Washington that, like many of its residents, has seen better days.

“Lord, the prices at this pump have gone up since last week. We know that you are able, that you have all the power in the world,” he prayed, before former beauty queen Rashida Jolley led the group in a modified version of the spiritual, We Shall Overcome.

“We’ll have lower gas prices, we’ll have lower gas prices,” they sang.

Pretty astonishing stuff, but I guess if you believe that there is an all-powerful supra-human being who is capable of raising the dead, then why should that being not be able to intervene to lower the price of oil? Perhaps s/he could sort me out with some NOS Cinelli 64-40s too.

  1. Good lord, this is ridiculous. “Hey God, I know people are starving and hungry and sick and dying all over the world, but if I could get my nine cents per gallon back or more that’d be great, thanks.” Assholes.

    David    14 August 2008, 12:09    #
  2. I prayed last night that soon there will come a time when Richard Dawkins doesn’t look so bloody pleased with himself all the time.

    — will    14 August 2008, 19:48    #
  3. I prayed last night that soon there will come a time when Richard Dawkins finally has something to look so bloody about, for day when the enlightenment finally wins over the forces of superstition and darkness

    — Gertie    14 August 2008, 19:56    #
  4. Trouble with Dawkins is – and a Richard Dawkins thread is long overdue on a courier site – I agree with everything he says about religion but he’s so smug and condescending that I still want to slap him. He needs a beard, someone to present his ideas who isn’t an irritating tit.

    — will    14 August 2008, 20:05    #
  5. Yeah, but you want to watch his lecture tour on youtube. There’s one in a proper uni in Virginia – attended by lecturers and students from the local creationist re-education camp – that smugness is perfect for destroying the religious morons…

    — Bill    15 August 2008, 08:45    #
  6. here

    — Bill    15 August 2008, 08:47    #
  7. You will all burn in hell!

    — overdrive    15 August 2008, 15:06    #
  8. What’s the carbon footprint of Hell? With all that burning it must be pretty high.

    — will    15 August 2008, 23:18    #
  9. Hell uses renewable energy (burning souls) and offsets their data warehousing carbon output by purchasing forested areas of Brazil.

    hippy    17 August 2008, 12:04    #
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