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American Mike's Birthday Alleycat - Friday at the Snow
8.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

Mike and Roxy

American Mike is 30 something very soon, and seeing as Roxy just got deported, the Muppets thought it would be a good excuse for a Birthday Alleycat to cheer him up.

Starts at the Snow after work, finishes at a party. James pronounces the course to be a test of ‘stamina’. Sounds like fun!

Happy birthday Mike!


Report here.

Pictures here.

  1. and boy does he need cheering up!!!

    — happy bollocks    8 August 2007, 15:07    #
  2. Awwww shit, sad mikey is fuckin aging. Yr ladyfriend is comin to NYC in a few weeks. Maybe this ought to be your excuse to come visit ya fuck!

    — Brooklyn Jack    8 August 2007, 16:16    #
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