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Alley Nhatt - what fun!
14.10.07 by Buffalo Bill

They gave me Rohypnol - pic: Selim

Much fun was had by all, especially whoever it was that let all the boys tyres down while we were waiting around the corner before the start. Top spots went to Josh and Nicky, but the real winner was Nhatt. Thanks for a great afternoon, Nhatt.

I was slightly disappointed by the letters that the boys wrote to Nhatt (at one of the checkpoints – 50 word love-letter to Nhatt) – more than one was the word ‘blah’ 20 times. What is wrong with the boys in this town that they can’t find 50 words to describe how gorgeous Nhatt is?

No wonder Nhatt is leaving town!

Selim pics of the event are here, and there are some other pictures here.

  1. damn! i wish i had been there!

    — saraggina    15 October 2007, 14:25    #
  2. I see skirts are becoming ever more popular with the chaps in London.

    — macbastard    17 October 2007, 21:05    #
  3. Yes, more and more are turning to the dark side.

    — Bill    17 October 2007, 22:41    #
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