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Alley-fox-cat-hunt report from Jontyponty
16.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

Over at the London Courier Emergency Fund:

In honour of Ben’s relocation to the Big Apple and my re-engagement with intellectual pursuits, we organised a local meet of the first urban bicycle fox-hunt, in the hopes of earning some monies for the LCEF and some glory for the red-suited huntsmen and dastardly Fox. Using a Heath-Robinson style contraption we secured several litres of paint to Ben’s bike with a tap to release it in a small but constant trickle. After assembling the hounds at The Foundry, the fox was released with a blast of horns, leaving a clear line of glistening paint in his wake. The hunters were chomping at the bit, anxious to pursue the quarry, but I held them off for three minutes to ensure a clean run. The scent of blood was in the air, and buoyed up by stirrup cups and fine cigars they were hard to control. After the allotted time a shrill horn-blast sent them shooting off down Gt Eastern Street, scattering all in their wake.

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  1. Best race report ever!

    — overdrive    16 September 2009, 13:47    #
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