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Actual working London messengers in Toronto
13.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

The question that a lot of people in Toronto have been in asking me is: who else from London is here? Up until last night I wasn’t sure what to say. Fortunately, Nigel got in yesterday, and I ran into Ian. Which leads to the question: is Ian a real London courier. You can all supply your answers to this question.

So apart from me, and my forty-something fakenger friends, Horse and Andy Capp, who last worked as London couriers in the 20th century, there are 2 proper London messengers here in TO for the CMWC.

  1. Ian is an unemployed San-Franciscan

    — alco-courier    13 June 2008, 20:36    #
  2. how much does it cost to get to toronto?

    — Iron Eye    13 June 2008, 23:51    #
  3. Your havin a laugh! In my day…

    — Wingnut    16 June 2008, 15:57    #
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