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Action movie with messenger as central character
16.11.09 by Buffalo Bill

Movie blogs report that a new action movie is planned, in which the central character will be a bicycle messenger. The plot sounds a bit like Diva, a french film which turns on two tapes in the possession of a french postier who rides a scooter, one of which incriminates a bent Paris cop. The title is reported to be ‘Premium Rush’, which is clearly a cue for jokes about the greatest hits of Canada’s prog-rock trio.

As far as I know, only 2 feature films (as opposed to documentaries or shorts) that feature bicycle couriers have ever been released. The first, and most famous, was Quicksilver, starring Kevin Bacon, and featuring Nelson Vails, and the second was 2 Secondes, an altogether quirkier film made in Montreal. Quicksilver is notorious for a chase sequence in which the protoganist shifts into a larger sprocket to increase his speed.

In other news, the Fixed Book competition is now closed, and the lucky winners have been notified by email. The correct answer was, of course, Andy Capp.

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  1. Alsways wondered why no one had made a film of Ultimate Rush by Joe Quirk – high-octane San Fran rollerskate messenger thriller.


    Wonder if the name is a nod to that?

    — Simon M    16 November 2009, 10:40    #
  2. Beijing Bicycle is re-make of The Bicycle Thieves where the main guy is a Bike Messenger.
    There’s couriers in The Flying Scotsman.
    Jason Lee played one in Enemy Of The State.
    And I think In The Line Of Fire has a hitman dressed as a bike courier who gets shot in the head, a scene I nearly re-made when I jumped the lights during the changing of the guard at your Queen’s house.

    — westcoastmess    16 November 2009, 11:43    #
  3. Yeah, I guess I meant with a courier as the central character. You could also include ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ (Spike Lee plays ‘Mars’, one of the suitors, who is a messenger).

    — Bill    16 November 2009, 12:15    #
  4. Which part of “…where the MAIN GUY is a Bike Messenger.” don’t you understand?

    — westcoastmess    16 November 2009, 12:51    #
  5. Beijing bicycle I’ll give you. Anyway, since when was coming up with movie trivia a competitive sport? And how she is my Queen? I was never consulted about the monarchical arrangements of this realm.

    — Bill    16 November 2009, 12:58    #
  6. The central character in 28 Days Later is a cycle courier is he not?

    — overdrive    16 November 2009, 12:59    #
  7. Good call Overdrive.

    In The Flying Scotsman the main character is a courier but that’s extreme use of scriptwriters license.
    I just meant she’s not my Queen.

    I hope you’re not supposed to be answering the radio Bill?

    — westcoastmess    16 November 2009, 13:19    #
  8. Oh, is that what that flashing light means?

    Anyway, aren’t you supposed to making t-shirts?

    — Bill    16 November 2009, 14:12    #
  9. Nah! I’m hosting the 3rd annual Tom Waits Fest at the HOP compound. Which this year just involves me shouting the names of songs at The Pistette while she’s on the phone to Swarovski.

    — westcoastmess    16 November 2009, 14:20    #
  10. this sounds like the shoddy thriller ‘shoot the meesenger’, by someone with an improbabl name which I forget. There is also ‘Virtual Light’ by William Gibson (I think), employing much the same motif. The trope of the hunted messenger who is unaware (at first) of what he carries is of course a staple of classical mythology. Mercury, prometheus, and (if we’re feeling particuarly expansive) Odysseus, are all in some sense cariers of new or dangerous knowledge. It is an important charecteristic of the epic mode.

    — jontyponty    16 November 2009, 14:31    #
  11. man, that took me hours to submit, but I am a bit dim with the old interntz.

    — jontyponty    16 November 2009, 14:32    #
  12. Illuminating!

    — Bill    16 November 2009, 14:36    #
  13. it’s also speculative bullshit probably, but hey ho, that’s what my life is these days.

    — jontyponty    16 November 2009, 14:40    #
  14. “The trope of the hunted messenger who is unaware (at first) of what he carries is of course a staple of classical mythology.”
    Bill, this is like that time Westcoast Messengers hounded you out of Poland and then when you got home you found out you had Chlamydia!
    Fun times… fun times.

    — westcoastmess    16 November 2009, 14:57    #
  15. Lest we forget Tires from Spaced. Got that 20 quid mate?

    — Sideshow    16 November 2009, 17:42    #
  16. Going back a bit, She’s Gotta Have It also featured an original On Yer Bike t shirt!

    — zero    16 November 2009, 18:22    #
  17. Tires was played by London’s most famous exenger, and former Moving Target contributor, Michael Smiley.

    This has turned into a proper messenger trivia quiz.

    What about ‘Streetwise’ the UK TV kids series?

    OR ‘Double Rush’ the American TV series.

    Or Puck? Or the Creative Couriers that appeared in the live action version of 101 Dalmatians?

    I claim my prize!

    — Bill    16 November 2009, 18:22    #
  18. I would like to see Virtual Light turned into a movie. (as jontyponty mentioned)
    They turned Johnny Nemonic into a movie and it was a 5 page short story… Virtual Light was a book, so they could prolly make at least 9 movie length episodes at the same rate.

    Proj on

    yogi    16 November 2009, 22:07    #
  19. Ha yeah! what about Joseph Heller’s autobiography ‘now and then’, in which he describe his time as a teenager working as a bicycle telegram boy. Or (one for Bill) Henry Miller’s acount of his time as a dispatcher for the ‘Cosmomedic Telegraph Company of North America’ in ‘Tropic of Cancer’:

    It was a slaughter-house, so help me God. The thing was senseless from the bottom up. A waste of men, material and effort. A hideous farce against a backdrop of sweat and misery. I was up against the whole rotten system of American labour, which is rotten at both ends.’

    The worst was that american one with the blonde girl who was an alien or some shit.

    — jontyponty    16 November 2009, 23:37    #
  20. Ramjet had another one he was talking about, some novel that sounded just like ‘Shoot the Messenger’ but wasnt’t, that he found in a bin/nicked from a library. But he can’t use keyboards so you’ll have to ask him in person.

    — jontyponty    16 November 2009, 23:39    #
  21. I think Janky had the right idea.A courier zombie movie with Pikey as the central character.The plot could revovle around Pikey delivering/picking up human organs for hungry zombies when it emerges that some of the organs have bite marks from someone who has only one front tooth.

    This one could be massive!

    — overdrive    17 November 2009, 11:03    #
  22. Or a film called ‘Deliverance’ where some fakengers get unwittingly embroiled with the ‘locals’ down the foundry resulting in a toe-tapping ‘duelling-trackstands’ type face-off before luckily escaping back to Hoxton ‘with their secret safe forever’..

    — realenger    17 November 2009, 11:51    #
  23. ^ best idea ever

    — jontyponty    17 November 2009, 11:59    #
  24. There was a Japanese movie in 1999 called Messengers.


    — drumbrake    17 November 2009, 12:01    #
  25. oops, forgot to mention the pivotal scene where Pikey, Overdrive and Wookie take ‘the fat one’ fakenger down to the bogs in the foundry and make them ‘squeal like a pig’. enduring image…

    — realenger    18 November 2009, 00:09    #
  26. Yeeee-Hah!

    — overdrive    18 November 2009, 08:47    #
  27. how bout that movie with Jessica Simpson crossed with the deliverance Idea but sorta Wolf creek… you could throw in a few zombies if you want… I mean that sorta dead or junkie look is so popular now.

    but it really depends on what Bikes they ride… Hello street cred.

    yogi    19 November 2009, 10:39    #
  28. no one has mentioned by far the worst and therefore best messenger main character. it is … wait for it… Queen Latifa thats right, in some shit movie called taxi or something she starts out as a bike messenger and she is rad, then she becomes a shit taxi driver. queen latifa, who would have thought

    — tomfaeglasgow    20 November 2009, 19:21    #
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