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A civilian says thanks
13.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

Just got this by email:

Hey, don’t know if you can help – I got walloped by a van at 1.30pm on the 23rd of May on Grays Inn Road and while lying in the road bleeding and screaming while my poor lemond fillmore was lying there looking very sorry a couple of messengers offered to look after it while I was in hospital.

In the end the police took it and left it in my A&E ward, but I just wanted to pass on some thanks to them. It was sound of them, and you really remember stuff like that afterwards. I have a pretty nasty compound elbow fracture but hopefully will be back on the road before the summer is completely over.

Haven’t a clue if the London messenger community is THAT small, but if you wouldn’t mind putting a quick message on your forum it would be ace.



  1. Let’s hope they were messengers and not just really convincing fakengers or we won’t know what view to take of all this. Get well soon Kate.

    — will    14 June 2008, 17:34    #
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