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Damage report from Team Awesome Day
30.11.08 by Buffalo Bill

Juliet got this nasty shiner at the recent Team Awesome Day. And Ted ended up with marker-pen all over his body after falling asleep in a bath. Team Awesome, you are a bad influence.

  1. I think that might have been the after effects of team awesome day, to the best of my knowledge, no one actually got hurt during the events. Which is sorta a shame cause I was certain someone would go down hard on the sharp turn during the beer sprints (it was on grass).

    — team totally awesome    30 November 2008, 12:06    #
  2. Farid’s pics here www.flickr.com/photo…

    — fromemememory    30 November 2008, 12:59    #
  3. Are those messengers? Or are they maybe infamous “Fakengers” or otherwise i cannot explain why there was sooo many crashes during that event?

    — Furida    30 November 2008, 16:35    #
  4. They arn’t messengers, but, as I said before these were crashes after the event.

    And you can’t claim that messengers aren’t good at that.

    — team totally awesome    30 November 2008, 18:20    #
  5. Messengers crashing after a messenger event? What an outrageous proposition!

    — Bill    30 November 2008, 19:59    #
  6. Of course messengers crash, but not as often as team awesome, shame!

    — Furida    2 December 2008, 10:49    #
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