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BMEF payouts to London messengers close to £1000 in 12 months
15.10.05 by Buffalo Bill

cheer up Simone!

Simone Koch (Metro/Cyclone) has become the 5th London bicycle messenger to have received a payout from the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. Having been injured in a collision that occured whilst she was working, and being unable to work as a result, she applied to the BMEF for a payout, using the ‘trouble ticket’ system on the BMEF website. The BMEF checked the validity of her claim by contacting the company she was working for, and also with local messengers who are part of the BMEF network. Having confirmed the validity of the claim, the BMEF issued payment of $300 to a trusted 3rd party in London who was able to pass on the cash to Simone promptly.

Simone’s payout means that the BMEF has paid out $1500 to injured London bicycle messengers in the last 12 months. All 5 recipients were hurt badly enough to require more than 3 weeks off a bike to recover (in Larry Z’s case nearly 6 months), which is a worrying statistic. 2 of the recipients were involved in collisions with left turning HGVs, which lends even more weight to the LBMA’s campaign to ban badly driven HGVs from central London.

London messengers and friends have paid in around £400 less than has been paid out, which means that London messengers needs to get their fingers out and start contributing. You can start by coming to the Rollapaluza and paying the entry fee without complaint. You could continue by organising your own BMEF fund-raiser (fund-raisers are fun!), or you could just make a donation. The BMEF is fully funded by donations, so if London messengers do not start paying what is due from them, then the BMEF will soon be just a memory.

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  1. The BMEF will never become a memory. It will remain the orginal of the organizations designed to assit bicycle messengers regardless of the nation emaployed. We shall never disappear

    Jean Andre Vallery    18 December 2005, 18:45    #
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