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8 London cyclists killed by HGV/LGV/lorries 2008
26.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

I earlier reported that the London Cycling Campaign figures showed 9 of 10 London cyclists deaths in 2008 were the result of a collision with a lorry. I just received this email from Charlie Lloyd, the source for those figures.

I think we can correct the ‘unofficial’ figures down a bit. It should be 8 lorry deaths out of a total of nine. I got the figures wrong because the Spanish guy run down on Kensington High street was not killed, as first reported. Also the killing of Lisa Pontecorvo on Holloway road is likely to be recorded as a pedestrian death, she was wheeling her bike in front of the lorry when it drove over her. I count that as a cyclist killed by a lorry but it probably won’t turn up in the official count.

Just to clarify: of 9 cyclists known to have died in London so far in 2008, 8 were killed by collisions with lorries.

  1. How many of those deaths could have been avoided by cyclists obeying the rules of the road?

    — TDF    26 September 2008, 10:20    #
  2. how would you feel being shot and killed in america when you didn’t own a gun yourself?

    — footlong    26 September 2008, 11:14    #
  3. TDF you’re either a naive, clueless idiot or a shit-stirring idiot. Or perhaps both. You don’t know whether any of those 9 dead cyclists were obeying the rules of the road or not, so your question is a pointless one.

    — Lee B    26 September 2008, 11:22    #
  4. I always thought TDF meant Tour de France but apparently it now means Totally Dumb Fuck

    — will    26 September 2008, 20:02    #
  5. I am second guessing, but I think TDF was making the point that probably none (or very close to none) of the deaths were caused by breaches of the highway code by the victim.
    Given that the Police seems to have intensified ticketing of red light jumping lately, it is an important point.

    Andrea    27 September 2008, 01:50    #
  6. I’m sending these videos to Transport For London. What good this will do I don’t know.

    — Kev    27 September 2008, 10:29    #
  7. TDF, read any of the reports of the deaths? Didn’t think so. Not only are you ignorant, but you are not even brave enough to put a real name on your post. Only a coward would not sign a note besmirching, without any evidence whatsoever, a dead person. So low, you look up at worms.

    — Bill    27 September 2008, 19:37    #
  8. We should bombard Tfl with our videos of bad driving and black spots that we come across regularly. Maybe they’ll take notice. I simply rubber banded my mobile to my handlebars!

    — Kev    27 September 2008, 22:26    #
  9. Kev – loved the videos. Maybe we should create a video map of London showing examples of poor driving? What I really struggle with though is why this happens. Is it poor road layout, inadequate information about how to share a road with cyclists, lack of punishment for things like driving in a cylce lane, stopping in an ASL etc or something else? I mean, I think most drivers try to obey the laws of the road and don’t deliberately cut-up cyclists, surely? It feels like it’s ignorance rather than malicious anti-cycling driving.

    Having said that, a friend of mine recently witnessed a cyclist narrowly avoiding going under the wheels of an HGV. The HGV driver had overtaken and immediately turned left into a side street. When confronted, the HGV driver’s reaction was along the lines of “mind your own business, he’s alright, what’s your problem?”

    Did he do it because he hates cyclists, or because he is stupid/lazy/arrogant, or did he genuinely not see the cyclist and just felt embarrassed and defensive when he was confronted?

    David    21 October 2008, 12:54    #
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