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5 years since Seb was killed
19.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

On Monday 23rd February 9.30am, it will be exactly 5 years since London cycle courier Sebastian Lukomski was killed by a collision with a lorry. The collision was the result of the lorry driver failing to see Seb on his left as he turned from Upper Thames Street in to Queen Street Place. The driver pleaded guilty to careless driving, and was fined and had his licence endorsed.

Seb was the 8th London bicycle messenger known to have died whilst working. All 8 were killed by lorries/HGVs/LGVs.

I am told that there will be some sort of memorial ride on Monday evening. It will probably visit some of the spots where London bicycle messengers were killed. More details to follow.

  1. We will be having a memorial ride on monday evening after work.We will stop at several spots where couriers were killed and put a reminder there.I’ll post something on the forum later.

    — overdrive    19 February 2009, 10:40    #
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