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21 238 bicycles reported stolen in London
9.10.07 by Buffalo Bill

According to a written answer given a couple of months ago, the Met Police have recorded 21 238 bicycle thefts in 2005/6.

I read somewhere that only 1 in 10 bicycle thefts are recorded. So the true figure could be 200 000 bikes stolen in London each year. That’s 1 bicycle stolen every 3 minutes. Even based on the Met’s reports, it’s 2 bicycles stolen every hour in London.

That’s a lot of stolen bikes. Given that most bikes are stolen to be sold, let’s say around £50 a bike, that could be around £10 million paid by punters looking for a ‘bargain’. What a bunch of muppets.

  1. it wasn’t me

    — Shaggy    10 October 2007, 22:02    #
  2. I lost two bikes from behind my house in a year. Now have to use a D-lock and an Oxford motorbike chain. It’s working so far…

    — Dan    31 October 2007, 14:09    #
  3. Boyfriend got his bike stolen (from our flat in archway, annoying!) a small blue specialized with narrow handlebars and metal mudguards. I’m planning to go to Brick lane this weekend, but just to be sure, what should we do? he’s got to report it to the police and be given a number, then we go to brick lane (will there be bikes during the week?) and if we spot it we need to ask the guy to put it aside whilst we go and get some cash out, call the police and wait for them??
    at least nothing alse was nicked…

    — Claire    29 September 2008, 15:54    #
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