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2009 Messenger Championships
20.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

The 2009 Cycle Messenger World Championships will be in Tokyo, some time in September. It will be the most foreign (to us Londoners) of all of the places that CMWC has been, and should be the most exciting, as well as the most expensive. I can’t find anything on the web yet, apart from this flier, but perhaps one of my better-read correspondents can enlighten the rest of us. On a side note, you can check out Ritiko’s pics of the ‘World Grand Prix Goldsprint Match’ here.

For those of you on tighter budget, the 2009 European Cycle Messenger Championships are being held in Berlin, home of the very first Cycle Messenger Championships in 1993. I am not going to commit 100% to going, but I love Berlin and its bicycle scene, so I will probably be visiting Berlin and my friends at Keirin on the weekend of 30/31st May.

  1. kyotoLoco will be the pre-event
    Kyoto is close to OSAKA and I think is about the 12 of sept 09.
    im running from memory so look b4 you leap.

    yogi    26 October 2008, 12:55    #
  2. and I thought Londoners where foreign anywhere but in London…

    there is plenty of English in Japan… do take a compass.. and I have a great map here

    (the comments has the map)

    yogi    26 October 2008, 13:02    #
  3. im not quite sure why they are gonna have the pre-even 400km (£150 return on the train) from tokyo

    — tipper    28 October 2008, 05:36    #
  4. Much love from Tokyo KINFOLK crew. CMWC 2009 Tokyo Bar

    john    14 November 2008, 01:47    #
  5. john
    ??? I’m talkin’ & meetin’ to tokyo bike messengers association’s crew every week, but no one talk to your bar is cmwc official bar.

    Riki a.k.a rikitko    25 December 2008, 12:12    #
  6. tipper your a NAY SAYER

    Kyoto is right next to Osaka and you can get on a train for 11 bucks from about 200 feet from where you pick up your bags.
    your right about the price though

    68 GBP each way, but why would you return to OSAKA and not fly out of Tokyo.

    please note Bikes are not allowed on trains BUT boxes and bags are.

    found this useful resource


    start point would be KANSAI AIRPORT
    Destination KYOTO

    do UN-TICK Shinkansen as it is not available for non citizens without a pre country arrival ticket. They are expensive BUT awesome

    yogi    30 December 2008, 08:16    #
  7. @ yogi

    so you aint gonna go to the CMWC 2009, just the pre-event?
    you are just gonna go to osaka?….
    the CMWC 2009 is in tokyo approx 400km away, so have fun riding round osaka by yourself

    — tipper    1 January 2009, 09:43    #
  8. yo riki,
    I didn`t say “official” in my post regarding the 2009 cmwc in tokyo.
    come by kinfolk and have a beer on us. we got ways loves haters.
    in the mean time watch this

    john    1 January 2009, 09:47    #
  9. btw, ive lived in japan for over 5 years, so i know the difficulties of getting around japan with a bike on public transport

    — tipper    1 January 2009, 10:49    #
  10. your not reading my post Tipper

    NO you cant take bikes on trains but you can take bike boxes and bags.

    your not being helpful tipper

    yogi    2 January 2009, 11:59    #
  11. @ yogi

    erm, your post didnt mention ‘bike boxes’, so actually i can read
    and im tryna give the readers acurate information on the distance between the pre-event in kyoto and the CMWC in tokyo, i think thats helpful……so, whats you point?

    — tipper    2 January 2009, 13:10    #
  12. re read post 6.

    yogi    3 January 2009, 10:02    #
  13. the point was that with that link you could get info on train Time tables . To Tokyo from Osaka or even Kyoto to Tokyo, depending on the train.

    The bullet train (ShinKanSen) requires a ticket pre booked from OVERSEAS (as in your home city)

    I would exit Japan from TOKYO. You can get to Narita International Airport for about 10 GBP from Shinjuku tower district as there are plenty of 4 star hotels that have public “airport bus stops” that require a booking from the concierge desk within.

    And as you may have seen “bikes are not allowed on trains and buses but boxes and bags are. “BIKE BOXES and BIKE BAGS for the hard of comprehension.

    yogi    3 January 2009, 10:11    #
  14. @ yogi

    i still dont get the “nay sayer” comment. obviously you are aware of the geography of japan and the distance between kyoto and tokyo?
    approx 400km, no?
    and the cost and problems involved in attending the pre-event in kyoto and the CMWC in tokyo?
    as i was a messenger in london, and having attended my fair share of championships, i know about finding unforeseen problems involved in not knowing the distance between major cities.
    i was merely explaining to the readers of these posts that its not just a jolly little bike ride from your cave in jellystone park to mr peavlys log cabin, with a few pickanik baskets on the way……..ITS 400KM!

    — tipper    4 January 2009, 04:33    #
  15. its 11 hours on a train and you have 7 days to get there… easy.. the NAY SAYER bit is .. YEAH get the fuck on with it, get on the train…whingeing about it wont help squat…

    perhaps its a 2 day ride… oh hold on make that 13 to 18 hours.. (that is not a challenge though, Im not riding…) I will be the guy on the train .. In fact i might get the shinkansen that is only 2 hours 17 minutes….

    frinds if you wanna ride the ShinKanSen you need to buy tickets prior to leaving home

    www.japanrailpass.ne… for costs.

    yogi    4 January 2009, 13:05    #
  16. Food in JAPAN

    Vending machines are on the street. 7-11 stores have a wide range of food you will not recognize but be brave. It is rewarding.

    A Fast Food Joint where you order at a vending machine and get a very nice meal for about 400 – 900 yen.

    you can get cans of beer from vending machines on the street. (large cans 140 yen) thank you Kerin and Asihakawa breweries for being in a market share price war.

    Apparently you can also get ladies used nickers in vending machines but I have never seen one.

    Tourism venues are cheap.

    It is amazing how many Ferris wheels there are in Japan.

    I do recommend visiting cultural museums, temples and shrines

    The ZEN GARDEN (the most tranquil ZEN garden in the world) is in Kyoto next to the golden temple.

    What is not tranquil is the visitors sitting there for about 5 minutes pretending to be inspired.

    The grounds of these venues are always amazing.

    Kyoto is a very old city and the original Capital of Japan. Bikes rule in this town.

    Kyoto is generally quite flat but all around it are sharp hills where all the temples and shrines sit on the outskirts. When I say outskirts It really is not far.
    What gear do I use???

    a long one… although the obstacles may be more, the traffic flows moderately well some of the back streets are lanes with 2 way cars and 2 way bikes on one small narrow lane the land is FLAT (ish)

    some pics and info of Kyoto here


    yogi    5 January 2009, 01:35    #
  17. john
    Oh, I’m sorry. I was misunderstanding it.
    Yes, you don’t say “official”. I’m so sorry again.

    Thanks for your info.

    Riki a.k.a rikitko    6 January 2009, 02:58    #
  18. hey Is it Kerin Season in Sept? any chance of seeing a race?

    I’m in Japan for 2 weeks land Wednesday b4 KyotoLoco.

    and as tipper says know that Kyoto is 400 km from Tokyo .. hmm I remember the prequel in 06 to be in Melbourne and then ride to Sydney. I think it was 1100 km or close to that.

    Strom got stuffed up good but, I think he hit a guard rail on one of the pass descents. or something… everyone else seemed ok and make it.. it was only 100 km, no tipper having conniptions or anything.

    Oh yeah .. Im definately lokoing to couch surf… if anyone has space… the real commodity in japan ….

    yogi    11 January 2009, 10:00    #
  19. landing OSAKA Wednesday (6.30 ish) night B4 KyotoLoco.. anyone care to join me

    yogi    28 February 2009, 11:33    #
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