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2009 Bicycle Film Festival, London, 23rd - 27th September
9.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

The 2009 edition rolls into town at the end of this month. There seems to be an event and a party every night, as well a fairly packed programme of films. Being shown is the 70s classic Breaking Away. It’s about a kid from the US who falls in love with Italian cycling. This is a great opportunity to check it out on the big screen.

A new film (which is what the BFF is all about) is Where are you go. The blurb says:

Traveling more than 70 miles per day, 50 racers and expedition riders experienced the boundless Nubian desert of Sudan, the great majesty of Victoria Falls, and finally the cold rush of the Atlantic Ocean. The 7,000 mile expedition is a constant adventure full of playfulness and mysterious beauty, and is testament to the endurance of human curiosity

which makes it sound pretty terrible, but I am hoping that it might be as good as Ninjas du Japon, which featured in last year’s BFF, and was simply brilliant.

There are 3 complete programmes of shorts; the Saturday night screening, which is traditionally packed with alleycat videos, features the London film The Pigeon which is described thus:

he’s a courier on the periphery of the city. Ostracized from mainstream society, marginalized and disenfranchised. He rides hard, he drinks harder. Then one day everything changes. Oh and by the way, he’s a pigeon.

which makes it sound brilliant. Many of you will recall this film being shot. It’s probably definitely worth sitting through Empire: no one can dispute that this Track thing started in New York and these are the current writers of history on the streets, (err, yes, we can, what is it with NYCers?) to see it, and it doesn’t sound as cringeworthy as The Messenger’s Creed: not unlike the Hippocratic oath of doctors, a code to live by.

I am also going to see Tour des Legendes, as I am a sucker for anything with sub-titles in general, and archive black and white footage of the Tour de France in particular.

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