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2008 Markus 'Fur' Cook Award to Banana
19.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

Banana pic: Dubmess

The International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations (IFBMA) has announced that Copenhagen messenger Martin ‘Banana’ Larsen has been honoured with the 2008 Markus Cook Award. The MCA is presented annually to the courier who inspires and empowers the wider messenger community, the messenger that puts all of us before themselves.

Martin is a veteran messenger who, as IFBMA president, Andy Duncan, notes, is known for tireless hard work, organizing messenger races and pulling people together. Messenger championships all over the world have benefited from his sacrifice and dedication. From Copenhagen, Oslo and New York City to Sydney, Dublin and Toronto, Martin’s influence is not only upon the Championships but also the messenger community.

Marcus Cook Award - made by Simon 'Horse' Firth pic: E Blanchet

Through his leadership in the IFBMA, the Copenhagen Bike Messengers Association and the Toronto Bike Messenger Association, Martin has fought to improve living and working conditions for all messengers.

At much personal and financial sacrifice, he spent much of the past year in Toronto helping to organize the 2008 Cycle Messenger World Championships. His experience, his diligent efforts and most of all his example were a gift to the city, its cycling community and its messengers. Before Martin left six months later he laid the ground work to unite the struggling community and rebuild the city’s Bike Messenger Association.

2007 and 2008 MCA recipients Andy Zalan and Banana

2006 Markus Cook recipient, Kevin ‘Squid’ Bolger lauds Martin’s work at the 2002 CMWC. I was blown away with dedication and attention to detail that he exhibited in producing the main event. I asked him to show me how it worked and he gave me his completed notes and instructions in a leather binder. He also helped enormously with the main event. His ideas and execution were invaluable.

Squid echoes the entire messenger community when he says I am happy and proud to be a part of awarding the Markus Cook Award to Martin ‘Banana’ Larsen!!

The award was presented to Martin in Copenhagen Saturday during a ceremony at the Track Bike Shop. Thanks to Jumbo for arranging everything and thanks to Andy Zalan for arranging the transportation of the award.

Read Banana’s reaction to receiving the award over at cphfxt blog.

the following people have contributed their skills to the creation of the MCA trophy: Simon “Horse” Firth, Bilenkey Cycles, Philadelphia – found the bits around the shop to make the trophy to begin with, did the welding and had it chromed; Jonathan Schechtman, Meeting House Furniture Restoration, Vermont – Turned and stained the mahogany (sustainably harvested!) base; Jason Cohn, EGO Services, SF – engraved the first 4 name plates for the base; Mike Ritchey, Lo-Fi Customs, SF – welded the base plate on so that the trophy could be mounted to the base.

  1. Say what? Let’s see what the Copenhagen-crew thinks about that? Unbelievable!

    — Joakim    20 October 2008, 18:21    #
  2. He’s wearing a LCEF T-shirt,that’s good enough for me!

    — overdrive    21 October 2008, 14:22    #
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