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2008 Female Cycle Messenger World Champion
30.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

As House of Pistard point out, there aren’t too many pictures of the new Female Cycle Messenger World Champion, Jenna from Auckland, New Zealand. Which is funny, because when I took this picture, she said ‘heaps of people have taken my picture.’ Not any that we can find. So I feel duty bound to post this fuzzy pic, that I took with my camera phone, after 1 beer too many. Sorry it’s not a better pic, Jenna, but this is the best I have got.

  1. A bit of an afterthought at this point, but there’s a pic I took (although not one of the better ones) of the female champ accepting her prize; it’s on the 1lesscar.com page under reviews.

    — Leslie    30 July 2008, 01:42    #
  2. It’s here

    — Bill    30 July 2008, 08:59    #
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