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2 on 2 polo tournament Sunday 15th February
9.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

Anyone remember the 2006 Valentinopoloco event? Well, what with the Kamasutracat on Saturday, and this event on Sunday, if you can remember as far back as 2006, you should be getting a bit of deja vu. Anyway, as everyone should know, the hard-court version of bicycle polo was devised and popularised by our North American cousins, and first introduced to London by Ross. This event is an awareness raiser for the 2009 European Hard Court Bicycle Polo Championships, which will be taking place in London on the weekend of 1st/2nd August 2009.

The EHBPC should NOT be confused with the 2009 European Cycle Messenger Championships, which also feature a polo tournament in amongst all the usual mayhem, and is taking place in Berlin on the weekend of 28th May – 1st June. If you register and pay your entry fee by the end of February, you will only pay 30 Euros. Thereafter the fee will go up to 50 Euros, and after the end of March to 60.

  1. Pics from the tournament here.

    — Bill    16 February 2009, 09:31    #
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