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12.08.06 by Buffalo Bill

Oi gutter bunny! That saddle is too f&cking low. pic: Jono

I see from my google stats that this site is getting around 2 500 hits a week at the moment. I would probably write this stuff anyway, but it’s nice to see that a few people are interested in it. So thanks to everyone that has taken the time to look in and look around. I welcome any comments that any of you might have. There’s an email button at the bottom right if you want to get in touch, or you can always call me.

I think there’s more to come, and certainly a lot more messenger heroes to list. And maybe there might be one or two Antipodeans in there.

Kai at ECMC 2006 pic: Andy Zalan

A couple of things have happened this year that I didn’t really anticipate.

Luk at ECMC 2006 pic: Andy Zalan

1. I will not have gone to a single messenger championships. This will be the 1st year since 1993 that I have not been to at least one messenger champs. In total, I think that I have been to around 13 CMCs and helped to (dis)organise 2 in London. Leaves a really big hole in my life, mostly because I miss seeing all those friends whose company I have enjoyed so much down the years. I can’t list them all here, but Andy Zalan, Slo-Mo, Gary G, Andy White, Kai, Broken-hearted Luk, sorry that I missed you in particular. Why haven’t been to a messenger champs this year? I can’t really answer that question properly. I guess I needed to take a break from messenger events. I haven’t raced an alleycat for over a year either.

Slo Mo pic: Andy Zalan

Andy Z self-portrait

2. I have not been to any London messenger association meetings. This also leaves a big hole in my life. The London Bicycle Messenger Association Annual General Meeting is tomorrow, and whilst it has been hard for me to let go, I am glad that it is happening with or without me. My time was done, and I probably over-stayed my welcome. I hope that, whatever gets decided tomorrow, London messengers will have some way of representing themselves to the outside world. If you don’t speak up, you will be ignored. To all those that decide to get involved, good luck and best wishes.

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