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1st ever London Alleycat
21.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

pic: Steve Levy

The first ever London alleycat was called the Andy Capp, and held on 5 November 1994, because it was the 10 year anniversary of him messengering1. But Stringer won it. There’s a brief race report, originally published on the back of the flier for the second ever London alleycat, over at messengers.org. 9 people started the race. Boris, who had organised the race, was steaming mad that so few people made the effort. The week before Boris and I had been in Toronto for the 1994 Hellowe’en Alleycat Scramble, and there had been a HUGE number of riders. So to come back to our own city and see so few turn out was a little demoralising. But hey, London got there in the end. Boris, if you’re reading this now, it was a privilege to be in on the beginning of something that turned out to be f***ing massive. We were just a little bit too far ahead of the pack, so it was bit a lonely.

This pic was taken at one of the checkpoints by Steve Levy, who was taking a lot of pics for Moving Target, and worked with me on various messenger related stories that were published in the main-stream cycling press in 1995. He was a very good photographer, but ended up prostituting his talent to the popular press as a papparazzo.

1 At Hand & Deliver. For whom Charlie B, Sky, Rob Lancaster and myself also later worked.

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