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1st ever Cycle Messenger Championships
21.09.08 by Buffalo Bill

I don’t want to say too much here about CMC I, as it was called. You can read my impressions of the event, written the week after I got back the event, in the Flickr set. I will say this: the NYCers, represented by the X-men [sic], made right knobs of themselves. Avi remembers the same thing, and Cappa said at the time they’re only favourites ‘cos they got big mouths. But to balance that out, the SF crew (which included Erik Zo and Marcus Cook) and the TO alleycats and kittens were very cool, and, of course, the TO crew introduced the rest of us to the Alleycat concept at the event.

  1. innit

    — 1st eva    22 September 2008, 00:38    #
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