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100 000 in 1 year
1.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

As those close to me know, I spend far too much time looking at my Google stats. These show me how many people come and look at the site. Since my records began a year ago, I have had over 100 000 hits on the site. So thanks to all who have come and looked.

The most popular article by far is ‘fakenger’. The next most popular is ‘the quickest rider’. Not exactly heavyweight reading, but there you go.

Looking at the search terms that brings people to the site, there are still lots of people (mostly in Asia) who arrive at the site via ‘Aunty sex’ or various combinations thereof. I guess I can thank that pervert Craig Nasty for that.

I would also like to thank Ben Brown, who designed this site.

  1. Moving Target is a Fantastic effort…first site i check after my email…Fyxomatosis says it all!

    — breaking away    1 May 2007, 08:10    #
  2. Speaking of search engine terms… a visitor to my blog searched for ‘bleeding arse after cycling’. Whoever he or she is, I feel sorry for him/her…

    Messenger of Doom    11 May 2007, 11:08    #
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